"KC Fest Is The Best!"

Team DraftCraft / Mumbai

The Department of Mass Media, KC College, Mumbai recently concluded its annual media festival - Blitzkrieg'17 and here's what the students had to say about it...

KC College's MACJ Student Palak Bhardwaj says "In between all of this, friendship is what lasts forever!"

"Blitzkrieg 2017 indeed was not just a competition, but also a celebration"
- Akshay Shetty (MACJ, KC College, Mumbai)

This 28th & 29th of September saw some major buzz in the KC College Campus as the Mass Media Department of the college revived their flagship Inter-Collegiate Festival, Blitzkrieg. With over 30 colleges across Mumbai participating in the fest, the event witnessed a footfall of thousands of students taking part not only in the various competitions forming a part of the fest but also the numerous workshops that the fest had to offer. Alongside, events like Fashion Show, Band and Dance, the festival also hosted Investigative Journalism, Film, Advertising and RJ events amongst others.

Making this by far one of the most well received Blitzkrieg till date, the plethora of celebrities that associated with the event simply added to all the glitz and glamour. The highlight being the presence of Boman Irani for the Closing Ceremony, who, with his brilliant stage presence & unique antiques set the crowd asking for even more!

As very rightly stated by Head of the Mass Media Department of KC College, Manjula Srinivas, "Blitzkrieg has an incredible legacy of stimulating creativity and bringing together almost all mass media students of the city under roof."

"Finding that balance too is a learning experience"
- Anwesha Mitra (BMM, KC College, Mumbai and PR Incharge for Blitzkrieg'17)

Being a mass media student has changed both my outlook and my life in several ways. The exposure I've received in the last two years is immense. Though I came here already determined to become a newspaper journalist, I've gained awareness of many new facets of media as a career. We've made films, we've made our own newspapers and magazines, we've worked on PR campaigns and so many more things. Additionally, by means of internships and college committees and events, I've also gained on-field experience. Additionally, I've gained experience in several fields within media.
I've learnt to question, cross-check and repeatedly verify data, become adept at interviewing strangers or conducting surveys, learnt new softwares and so on.

Being an outstation student, an additional responsibility comes into play along with independence: managing every facet of my life on my own.

"I am glad and proud to be in KC College"
- Bhargavi Mankar (MACJ, KC College, Mumbai)

Taking admission in KC College for MACJ now makes me feel so happy because it’s here that learnt the real meaning of Journalism. Media can make people and break people and this is what makes us (Media Students) different from other people. The down to earth personalities of the faculty and vast amount of experience behind them that they share with the entire class is what encourages me to strive harder in life to achieve new heights.

Our HOD who is Manjula Srinivas introduced herself and the adventures which will be created here while we get into the journalism. My experience here until now has been brilliant and since the past 2 months I have learnt a great amount of knowledge. With the first semester coming to an end I have to accept that KC College has really made me a confident person who is not afraid to face the ever evolving and competitive world of media.

"Blitzkrieg inspires students to have a goal and vision in life"
- Saritha Pillai (MACJ, KC College, Mumbai)

"BLITZKRIEG" the most awaited fest. It was my first experience in KC College & also in Blitzkrieg. I had always wished to be a part of this fest & finally I got an opportunity during my MACJ studies. I need to say that it was one of the most amazing fest & has also created a benchmark. The glory of Blitzkrieg was nothing but the inauguration done by Mr Ramesh Sippy and like a cherry on the cake, guests like Divya Datta, Adar Jain, Anya Singh, Boman Irani added a sparkling light to the festival. They shared many inspirational stories of their life which taught us to dream high by working hard to achieve it.

The participants from other colleges has played a major role to make this fest a grand success. Blitzkrieg is one of the only BMM fests where you can find renown personalities presenting themselves.

"With freedom comes responsibility"
- Manju Karki (MACJ, KC College, Mumbai)

BMM without a doubt is by far the most popular field for many students who want to explore their so called ‘inner creativity’. But let’s accept the harsh reality; to excel at this course is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a whole lot of dedication, commitment and intellect…Ok, who am I kidding? Maybe not. But let’s face it, this course welcomed you with open arms after you decided to quit science. As a science student, I was unfamiliar with this course and used to think what can I do if I quit science? Then I googled for the best course for a science student? Result was BMM!!

College Experience as a BMM Graduate: Gone are those days when BMM was considered just another degree course, today people take tremendous pride to be a part of this field. Those of us who are graduated will never forget our freshman year at college. It is a time filled with anticipation and wonderful discoveries.

Without doubt, though, the most dramatic freshman year is for those living away from home. What can you expect as you head off into the wonderful world of higher education? The first thing you’ll notice is the workload. The major challenges of college work are the large volume of reading, the short deadlines, and the writing, writing, writing. A related effect that can be brought on by the workload is doubt, frustration, and possibly loneliness.

On some of those long, seemingly endless nights of studying and writing, it will be only natural for you to long for the good old days. Hang in there. These down periods will pass. Whatever you do, don’t make major decisions about your major, your courses, or even your roommate during one of these blue periods. Things always look better in the morning.

You’ll be making a lot of new friends. Continue to be yourself. Don’t strike a pose or play the role of someone you’re not. Select your friends with the same care and patience you have always used. Believe it or not, your college friendships will be among the most satisfying and long-term of your life. It’s always exciting to discover how wonderfully diverse college relationships can be.

You’ll also be on your own, your own boss (more or less) 24 hours a day. Be careful here. Don’t go flying off the end of the pier. Stay up until dawn talking about your ideals and ambitions with your dorm’s regular bull session buddies. Sleep in until the afternoon on a light class day. Explore the local town or suburbs with one or two of your new friends. Remember, though, with freedom comes responsibility.

You may even start to think about your future. Be on the lookout for role models. Maybe a certain professor is especially inspiring. Be sensitive to your own gravity. If some area of study attracts you, find out all you can about it. It might be the beginning of your self-definition process. Going to college is as much about finding out that you really are as it is about getting that degree.

"I personally feel like I have made the right choice"
- Gaurav Sonavane (MACJ, KC College, Mumbai)

After completing a Bachelor of Mass Media(Advertising) I started working a renowned and leading news company Times Of India as an Entertainment Journalist.

It was during this period I realized that I lacked knowledge of journalism and decided to take up a Master's degree in Communication and Journalism. Soon I got selected in KC College and the admission process was a bit long but I was overjoyed to make a cut through.

On the very first day, I was introduced to the coordinator Manjula Srinivas who is a very generous and down to earth person. With each passing day, the entire class was introduced to the other faculties who have established themselves over the period of time in media and they all shared their experiences and guided not only me but each and every student present in the class in figuring out what's the right path. With the first semester coming to an end I personally feel like I have made the right choice by opting to do my Masters in communication and journalism and gain some knowledge so that I could get better and move up the ladder. Each and every person from the lowest to the highest rank in KC College has been very kind, generous and helpful.